Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Telegram Card

On Monday my  Bestie (best friend) Di bought the new Sophisticated  Cricut Cartridge and made a fabulouse card. I was impressed with her card but not with my photography, so sorry for the blurred image, but the card was lovely!

                                  Di's beautiful "Key to my Heart" Card using Cricut Sophisticated cartridge

She was moaning that she needed some inspiration so I gave her a challenge to come up with a new card by 8pm that night and I would do the same and we could compare cards. Well she went one better and arrived on my doorstep at 7pm with her cartridge and a lovely bottel of red wine and suggested we did it together.

We chose a card in one of my magazines to get an idea of what we were aiming for thus the "TELEGRAM" idea and went ahead with our own designs. Well after much laughter, a glass or two of wine and trying to hide our work from each other, we finally emerged with our "challenge". Two great cards from two people with very diffferent tastes and yet they are alike in some way! 

                                         Tracy (left card) and Di's (right card) challenge "Telegram" cards

It was great fun and we plan to do it on a more regular basis,

Until later...


Wednesday, July 6, 2011

I really would like to start using this page correctly and adding my many cards and flowers that I make to the page. It is just really hard to find the time when you have kids and after school activities as well as working part time!

Oh well I guess I need to make the time and not moan about it.

So watch this space!

Until next time...